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Hello and welcome to my digital footprint!

My academic background formed in the diverse educational environments in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, USA, Poland and Moldova coupled with my work experience in the Dutch and British academic worlds sum up to a modest 10+ years of professional experience in research and teaching.

Driven by my passion for knowledge; and being committed to excellence in research, teaching and also innovation; in 2017 I have successfully graduated the Launchbase Incubator, since when I am dedicated to my mission of building bridges between academia and entrepreneurship.

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Dorina Baltag teaches European Studies at Maastricht University and wrote her PhD on ‘The Practice and Performance of EU diplomacy in Eastern Europe after the inauguration of the EEAS’ at Loughborough University. Her current research for which she obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship in 2012 (Initial Training Network INCOOP) focuses on EU diplomatic performance in Eastern Europe with focus on Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. She contributed to the ‘Routledge Handbook on the ENP’ (2018: Routledge, Oxford), the ‘External Governance as Security Community Building’ (2016: Palgrave, London) and co-edited the ‘The European Union and Central and Eastern Europe: Assessing Performance’ book (2018: East European Politics). Her work has been published, in among other, in SWP (German Institute for International and Security Affairs) working papers (2011), INCOOP policy briefs (2013), NUPI (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs) working papers (2014) EIoP (European Integration Online) papers (2015) and the Hague Journal of Diplomacy (2018).