(from 2021 onwards)

European Digital Diplomacy

I am currently working on developing my research agenda on Digital Diplomacy. With over 2.7 billion Facebook users and 330 million on Twitter worldwide, digital connectivity has become increasingly important for diplomatic actors as they discover that they need to engage foreign publics by explaining policy, listening to feedback, and facilitating the export of information and services, via social media. The objectives of this agenda are:

I am specifically interested to examine in the way the European Union makes use of digital diplomacy tools; and how the latter help the EU achieve its foreign policy objectives in Eastern Europe. The aim of my research agenda is to evaluate the digital diplomatic practices of the European Union (EU)’s diplomatic actors, namely:

This research agenda builds on the three research projects that I have been working so far: EU Diplomacy, Evaluation of EU Performance and Democratization in the ENP. Through these projects, my research addresses questions related to foreign policy and diplomacy and to organisational management and performance specifically in European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries.