My research interest lies at the intersection of the fields of International Relations (IR) and European external relations. My research addresses questions related to foreign policy and diplomacy and to organisational management and performance. More specifically, my research focuses on EU diplomacy and EU performance in ENP countries based on the ‘the practice turn’ in IR and EU studies approach.



EU diplomacy and the ‘practice turn’ in IR/EU studies

My current work focuses on consolidating the ‘practice turn’ in IR and EU studies as a research agenda in EU diplomacy and, hence creating synergies between organisational management, diplomatic studies, and the practice approach. 

More details on this research topic are detailed here.

Publications related to this topic:

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  • 2013. Inter-level cooperation: how to reach agreement across “vertical” boundaries?” INCOOP Policy brief. [with M. DeSomer, M. Mihaescu Evans, M. Muhlbock, and M. Tidghi]

EU Performance

A performance exercise entails learning to the same extent about what is working and what is not. This ultimately may lead to improving (the policy and the policy process) which comes with the capacity to adopt and adapt as a performance exercise explores the variety of organisational practices. In my work I develop performance criteria which allow for a critical assessment of EU diplomacy against clear-cut performance criteria such as effectiveness, relevance and capability.

More details on this research topic are detailed here.

Publications related to this topic:

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EU actorness and the ENP

Research on EU diplomacy and EU performance in Eastern Europe has also informed my research on ENP countries such as Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. I work on examining the level of integration with the EU of these countries.

More details on this research strand are detailed here.

Publications related to this topic:

  • 2017. Political cohesion and coordination of Nordic Plus and CEEC EU member states in Eastern Europe. Studia Diplomatica, vol.15, LXVIII-5
  • 2016. The EU’s Eastern Partnership with Moldova: A ‘best case’ scenario for EU security community building? In P. Rieker (Ed.), External Governance as Security Community Building. Palgrave, 49-77 [with G. Bosse]
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